Thursday, November 07, 2013

30 Day Series: Day 7 - The Farm Life

I am Thankful for The Farm Life.

There is no better way to raise a family, than on the farm.
I grew up on a farm, and so did the 4 generations before me.
My husband grew up on a farm, and so did the 3 generations before him.
The kids might see it as fun, but without even realizing it they are learning more than we could ever begin to teach them. Responsibility. Work ethic. Team work. How to care for animals. Where their food comes from.   
 This year I am a bit late posting our annual Kids and Corn harvest photos. Harvest was nearly a month ago by now, but the memories are forever.

It is almost just as exciting to spend time with them on the farm as it is to watch them teach others about what goes on here. From taking friends in the fields to show them the corn,

to giving Flat Aggie and her class a virtual farm tour. It is a thrill to see their passion grow for farming. Maybe they can't help it.... it is in their blood, after all.
I am also Thankful for... 
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Michael Schmid said...

like the older farming equipment, thats what my family uses.