Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Day Series: Day 13 - Our Party Day!

Graphic Photo Alert: Please note, this post contains some semi-graphic photos.
I am Thankful for This day - Our Party Day!
In this case, perhaps our Celebration day would be more accurate, but my doctor Did say that I should, "Have a party!"
A couple of months ago, I found myself diagnosed with Stage 0 Melanoma, or Melanoma In-Situ. After my original post, I had a follow-up appointment at the cancer clinic. My doctor said that the hole in my leg was healing great and it should be closed up in no time. I asked him what the next step was, once the skin had grown back over and the hole was closed up.
He said, very frankly, "You have a party!"
I have the best cancer doctor! Not that I can say I even have one to compare him to, but his personality, attitude and sense of humor is so warm and relieving. Plus, he was SO right! After spending the last 2 months and 1 day with my leg wrapped in an array of colored vet wrap....

What were we supposed to do when the soak and wrap bit was over??
October 27th
November 9th 

Today - November 13th!
 Today, was our Party day!
The hole is closed over, and no more soak and wrap is required!
I was able to apply a simple Cetaphil moisturizer and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bandage, and hit the door running - literally.
I am thrilled to have this experience behind us. And though I may be a bit apprehensive about my upcoming appointment in December, I know what to expect if another spot should be found and most importantly, I know that I will be in excellent hands.

In the next few days, the boys will plan our "party" and we will celebrate and share the time together, because there is no other way I'd rather celebrate such an awesome milestone!
I am also Thankful for...
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